Affordable Care Act Information and Enrollment for UDWA homecare workers and IHSS providers

Welcome to IHSShealthinsurance.com. For the first time, all legal residents California have access to free or low cost health insurance. We are here to help you sign up. We will help you determine what plan or financial assistance you qualify for and ultimately help you enroll in a health plan through the Covered California marketplace or through Medi-Cal.

What do I qualify for?

Refer to the table below to determine if you qualify for Medi-Cal or premium assistance through Covered California.

Number of People in the Household 

If Your Income* Is

If Your Income* Is



$16,105 - $46,680 



$21,707 - $62,920 



 $27,310 - $79,160



 $32,913 - $95,400



 $38,516 - $111,640

You may qualify for:


Premium assistance through Covered California  - Free or Low Cost health insurance + cost sharing subsidies

*Income levels are total household income and based on your 2015 income


What financial assistance is included in the Affordable Care Act?


There are three financial assistance programs to help ensure everyone can afford health care. These programs are available to individuals and families who make a certain amount of money and do not have affordable health insurance, which covers certain benefits, from an employer or another government program.

1. Premium assistance helps reduce the cost of your insurance premium, which is the amount you pay to buy health insurance, usually each month.

      2. Cost-sharing assistance reduces the amount of health care expenses an individual or family has to pay when getting care. These expenses include copayments, coinsurance and deductibles incurred when, for example, you visit your doctor.

      3. Medi-Cal is a free health insurance program for those who qualify, including people with disabilities and those with annual incomes of $16,105 or less for a single individual and $32,913 or less for a family of four.


Is there a tax penalty if I do not have health insurance in 2015?


                   Does everyone have to buy health insurance?
Having health coverage is important for everyone. No one plans to get sick or hurt and having coverage can protect your and your family’s health and financial security.  Starting in January 2014, most people will be required  to have health insurance or pay a penalty if they don’t.  In 2015 the penalty is 2% of annual income or $325, whichever is more.   Don’t wait! Enroll now to stay healthy and protect your family from unexpected medical expenses.





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